Here is a compiled list of all the ridiculous quotes that I've featured on my Someone said that in Ballet? gadget in my side bar. I promise every quote here was 100% stated with in ballet class, and will hopefully make you laugh, lose all faith in humanity, or think that ballerinas are about as smart as goldfish.

"Wait, King Louis was a real person?" -Franzi Ritzinger

"Last night I had a dream where I dreamt I was both the golden retriever and the person prettying the golden retriever." -Mrs. Julianna

"Can you be Jewishzised?" -Franzi Ritzinger

*Laying flat on floor* "Does this count as a stretch?" -Morgan Y.

"God bless America." -the Huston ballet auditioner for the 200th time

"At leas you can still get into Brown" -Franzi
"You mean Columbia." -Katy
"Brown, Columbia, they're both colors." -Franzi
"I'm pretty sure Columbia isn't a color." -Katy
"Well Columbia makes you think of Columbus you invented the apple, and and apple is a color..." -

"I got a call from Aysia." -Josi
"Yeah,  because you got a call from the whole country of Asia." -Alison

"I'm pretty sure you all think that I'm a psychopath who goes home everyday and eats pixie sticks while running on the treadmill." -Mrs. Juliana

"Back when my parents were kids it was okay for ballet teachers to hit kits with sticks. But now that law suits are so common I have to resort to other methods, like verbal abuse." -Mrs. Juliana

"I'm sorry I'm being a B@!&;? today but I can't help it, I woke up like this!" -Franzi
"Flawless." -Me and Alison in unison

"Lets all just get fat and not care about our lives." -Alison
"All I aspire to be in live is fat." -Josi
"#Goals" -Nicole

"Not this type of indian. This type of indian." -Franzi

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