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This is the story of who I am. As I look back, every thing in my life seems to lead back to my big break in theatre! Also known as, the time I, Alexa Lynn Wilcox, fell in love with the stage.

I was a five years old child actor premiering in a hit new musical! It had theater fanatics buzzing from coast to coast! "A true masterpiece," was a common reference to the work, along with "pure genius." That's right, you guessed it, the Egyptian Youtheatre's Three Little Pigs!

Fine, so it wasn't a show stopper. What can I say, we were five years old at a community theaters summer camp. Well we practiced for one week, the show was about ten minutes long, and our teachers were the only ones with lines. Somehow we still managed to make a memorable performance! It just was more of a traumatic memorable rather than the good kind. Lets just say the brick house DID fall down and tears were shed... Never the less, one bad performance wasn't gonna keep me away from a crowd.

Anyways, my mom figured that if I like these acting classes so much I would probably like a choir class for kids that she heard about at a local music conservatory. She signed me up and got me all hyped up for it, only to find I was the only kid registered. I was already so excited about learning songs and music that my mom went ahead and signed me up for private singing lessons instead. To bring this all into perspective I was still only six and couldn't read the lyrics to songs. In order to remember the words, my very dedicated singing teacher, would draw pictures for me under each line.

The rest is history I guess, I am still to this day taking singing lessons and going to every audition I can get my hands on. I have upgraded a bit to also include extra acting classes and twelve hours of dance in there somewhere, but my interests haven't really changed. I doubt they will. I promise there's more to me than just a cheesy theatre story of dedication and passion that I'm sure you've heard before. Regardless, I am who I am and nothing in the world could change that.

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