May 10, 2015

All the Way's I've (Sorta) Changed

Well I was informed that I have to write a post of how I, Alexa Wilcox, have changed and how my blog has changed throughout the year. And to be honest I'm not so sure. I mean I know I've changed but I'm just not the kind of person who is constantly going through different phases and things. I mean I'm not sure if this is how it seems to other people. But I feel like I'm basically the same little girl that came out of my mothers whom. Except for the fact that I'm wearing clothes now. That's new. To prove my point I have a small scenario that I can play out for you, and for the record this happens like everyday.

Emily: "So what's new with you?"
Me: "Nothing."
Emily: "Oh come on. Nothing."
Me: "I decided to braid my hair in a single french braid instead of the usual two. So what's new with you"
Emily: *Big story about how she is gonna be a movie star or something like that*

Soooooo, yeah. And even though I had a specific criteria that I had to write about for this blog post I really wanted to try the same format for my blog because as I stated, I don't do that whole change thing. So I'm gonna write about the little, more insignificant things that I have noticed.

(Sorry it's not a How To post or an advise post like normal. Curse you Mr.Parker.)

1. Sadder Social Life
Starting at the beginning of this year I was really really close with all of my Theater friends from the summer play that we were in together. But like every year, dance sufficiently took over my life again and I had no time to hang out. At the beginning of the year I went for dance no days a week to 7 days a week. In case you hadn't inferred this kinda thing impacts your social life. I mean I couldn't hang our because I had dance. I couldn't sleepover because then I would be tired and not be ready for dance the next morning. I couldn't do anything because, well I had dance, and homework.

You see it's not that I'm dancing 24/7 but I knew that if I still wanted to get good grades I couldn't be hanging out with people up until dance started, because by the time I got home from dance at approximately 9:20 doing all my homework wasn't gonna fly. So because of all of this stuff. I'm a bit more friendless. However, it's not all bad. The girls that I dance with have really become like a second family. And to spend everyday doing what I love with just a 9 really good friends. Well I guess that doesn't really suck.
Had the best time at the recital. BTW pretty much none of my other friends came to see it, because I don't have any. 
2. Procrastination Association 
I'm actually fairly proud of this one. Well even though the time that I am posting this blog isn't representation of this. I have decided to resign from the Procrastination Association. Well at least part time. You see, I actually decided to try to get my life on track this year. With such an intense schedule  due to dance, singing, and theater. I can't afford to be up late every night do the homework from the last two weeks. Of writing an essay in a single night. So I got a planner. And I stuck with it. I can say that I'm more that happy to not be a full time last minute lady any longer.

3. Blooming Blog
In terms of my blog I'd say that I've defiantly grown as a writer because of it. I feel as though I have more of a distinctive voice. That I'm not just a robot in a page, if you know what I mean. Even though  my bog didm' treaty turn out how I planned it. That's okay. I always had fun writing the posts, regardless if anyone ever read them. I feel like it has become much more of a relaxing task rather than a chore. When we first started blogging I always had Ideas on what to write about but it would take me forever to put it on a page and get it ready to post. Now I feel as though I can just write. I don't have to worry about who might read it, or what they might think. I just get to write for me, and I like that. AND I got a real tag line.

Also my Ballet? section of my blog was the best thing that I ever added. It just is the best little look at how genuinely weird we are at dance. But considering we see each other so much, the judgment is pretty much gone between us. I'm just glad my ballet teacher doesn't read this. I wonder what she would think of the quotes that I've used of hers.

Well I'm not really sure if this is the last time I'll be writing on here or not. But I can honestly say it has been a pleasure either way.

XOXO still not quite over the Gossip Girl thing.

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