May 8, 2015

*Dramatically says the word "DANCE"*

Once upon there was a ballet class. They weren't the most talented. They weren't the most graceful. And they weren't the hardest workers. But they were a team. In 2012 this class had a teacher. This teachers name was Gulianna (jo͞o-lē-äna). Well long and behold, Gulianna was insane. She gave them a dance in which her was the star, they moved their heads like chickens, and one of the girls was shot by a hunter at the end.  It would later go on as a hilarious memory for the girls. After they had preformed for the last time, they took a group picture to capture the madness. And in this picture I hope you find joy. 
Lets all take a minute to appreciate our faces and our awkward arm positions. (Photo Creds)
Well a the next year this ballet class got a new teacher names Juliana (
jo͞o-lē-anə). She taught them how to dance properly and put them in point shoes. And all was well in the world as they grew up to be prima ballerinas and trained with Vaganova

That was purely for my amusement and now to continue my amusement I am going to continue this post with how to get ready for a dance competition, which is completely useless to most people but, feel free to apply this to any situation in life. 

1. Aesthetic
First you need to get your hair and makeup under control. The best way to do this is to take a shower and clean your body but if you can afford not to, don't wash your hair. Just a get your hair really wet. The get out of the shower and get changed into close that you will wear to the competition before you change into costume. Then you need to let your hair dry to the point where it's not dripping but still would leave a wet mark on your shirt if it rested on your back. Once it's at this golden stage you grab your bobby pins and hairspray, and get to work. The most typical hair style that you can do is a ballet bun. So you slick your hair back to the crown of your head and you twist and pin. Twist and pin.

Notice the placement of the bun, and the round form. (Photo Creds)
After you are done with the hair and have hairspray it to rock hard. Than move on to the make up stage. The key things that you are going to need are. 

-Fake Eyelashes
-Eyebrow Pencil

If you are a girl. Which everyone who reads my blog pretty much is, you mostlikly know how to apply all of these things. But you need to make sure to add a lot of everything so you stand out in stage. But considering girls at Treasure already wear enough makeup to make people wonder if there is even a face underneath it all. I don't think you'll have a problem.

2. Snacks 
Just come to terms with the fact that you are going to be there for a long time in-between dances but not enough time to go get food and you are going to be stuck in the dressing room all day and there isn't going to be something to eat and you are going to get hungry and you are going to wish that you read this tip. SO bring a snack. No, bring many snacks, bring a large baggy of snacks and keep them in a safe place where it wont get crushed. Also make sure that you bring things that are healthy with lots of protein and natural sugars to give you energy. Mia did a great job with her snack-packing.  
Well done Mia. (Photo Creds)
Get a good nights sleep. If you don't, you will be cranky and you aren't gonna want to be there. If you do, dance competition can be tons of fun. Also you're defiantly gonna preform better of a good nights rest. 

Well I hope that you can use this simple guide in some aspect of your life. If not I can't believe you read the whole thing. 

Blog ya later fellow quirks. 

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