May 10, 2015

Making a Merry Mothers Day

Do you know what day it is? MOTHERS DAY! And just like my blog, it is very very special. So it is important that you make sure it is a heat day for your mom. From start to finish this day should be great.

1. Breakfast/Brunch
The most classic movie mothers day is breakfast in bed. So, I'm hear to help you make the BESTEST BREAKFASTIST. First you have to do is take note of all of your mothers favorite breakfast foods. For example I know that my mom loves eggs with salsa, and my grandma likes unsweetened greek yogurt. Then, make sure that you set your alarm early enough to actually make the breakfast before they get up. I've forgotten that one a couple of times. You should also make sure to get the rest of your familia involved. They are gonna be a bit sad if you give your mom the best gift of all, and they aren't in on it.

2. Hiking
Okay Okay I know that not everyone likes to hike, but in my view of Park City, most of them do. I think that it is defiantly the best think that my family does on mothers day. You do however, have to just pray that there is good weather so that you can have a great hike. Especially with all of the rain that we have been having it is good to just do a special parer of something to get the good weather back to Park City.  But thankfully it ended up working out more that well. It's beautiful outside actually.
The weather while I'm inside writing this blog. 
Some of the great places that you can go are up into the Uintas (if it's warm enough,) Pine-brook, Deer Vally, or PCMR.

3. Movie Night
I don't know about other mothers, but my mom LOVES home movie night. Especially the cheesy pixar classics. I mean not that I blame her. Pixar is bae and all. Even my little brother likes these movie nights. Everyone just needs to turn off their phones and their other electronics. If you do this then it means that your movie will not be interrupted at all and that is quality bonding time that can not be missed. To get this perfect movie night ready just grab as many fluffy, soft pillows as you can find and pile them up on you couch. Then you should also grab everyone in your families favorite pillow. AND also you need popcorn. Because frankly what is a movie without popcorn? Am I right. Or am I right. I feel like I've used that phrase before on my blog. I also feel like I don't care.
Me not caring.
Well I'm gonna go hang with my mom if that's okay with you.
Blog ya later fellow quirks.

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