May 4, 2015

Beachy Blog Post

A while ago...
"EWWWWW!" I yell as I look out into the distance where fluffy snowflakes floating down to cover the ground with this white, and unwanted blanket. I take one step outside and immediately know that I wish I was still where shorts and bikini top are appropriate attire. I groan one more time and make my way outside to the curb at the airport where me and my family will wait for someone to take us to our car. 

Some time later... 
It has now been three weeks and I can still say with absolute certainty that I wish my mother had lost out passports on our way home. This had almost happened, and my cousin had made a joke that St.Kitts was our home now. Although, the thought of that terrified me at the time, this thing called 'snow in April' terrifies me quite a bit more.  And for the moment I would just like you to pretend with me that we are still in paradise and all of the wonderful things we should/could do while we are there. 

1. Beach Bums are Better than Regular Bums 
Lets be honest, is there any better feeling than the sun on our back right after you get out of the salty ocean. No. There isn't. When ever you do somewhere tropical it's just kind of a given that you are going to go to the beach, where it is the only acceptable place to where a bikini and not really be looked at funny. This brings me to the title of this section. If you are gonna have you butt hanging out and your entire stomach showing, it's better that it be at the beach. Am I right ladies. YEAH I AM! While at the beach you can go swimming and see all of the fish and/or shell. You can collect shells with a young child and give them as presents to strangers. You can build a wicked sandcastle dangerously close to the waves and hope it doesn't get swallowed by water. You can sunbathe and get ridiculously tan and show it off once you get back home. You can preform cool stunts and get artsy pictures to later post on Instagram with a clever pun. You can do anything.

My cousin's comment game is too strong

Moral of the story, defiantly go to the beach, because why the heck wouldn't you.

2. Explore 
In dedication to the best Movie of all time, "ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!" It's true you know. One of the best parts about going on vacation is seeing all of the different sights and things that you don't have back home. I encourage you strongly to also make sure you find all of the cool hidden places that aren't tourist spots also. You can make sure that you get a one of a kind experience that isn't molded by some chessey tour guide and a pamphlet. Hikes and long walks are a great way to find things off of the beaten path! For example this abandoned motel that we found on a beach walk.

3. Relax 
When you are on vacation it can be hard not to just run around in shear excitement trying to take in everything thing that you can. One of the reasons that we all look forward to vacation is to get a break form regular life. However, I think that sometimes we forget to rejuvenate while we can. The worst thing that you can do for yourself is to push yourself through your entire vacation and then go bad k to school or work more tired than ever. So take sometime to lay by the pool and read, or nap, or just watch the clouds. You'll thank yourself later.

Well now that I'll all bummed out that I'm not in vacation,

I'll blog ya later fellow quirks. 

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