Mar 15, 2015

Werk on the Weekends

Here's a depressing fact: one seventh of you life is spent on Mondays, and everyone know how much Monday's suck! Am I right kids? Even from the first minute you wake up in Monday you can't wait for the weekend even though it feels years away? But then the weekend comes and goes without you even makeing it worth while..then you're back at the beginning waiting for Friday. The cycle never ends. Until now that is!  Because this post for you people is about making the most of you saturedays and Sunday's so when that dreaded Monday morning comes you can imbrace it instead of dreaming for Friday. Let's just slay the two best days of the week instead.

1. Sleeping in! More like waste of time. 
To pretty much every other teenager on the plant that sounds like the words of satan himself. But I'm being serious for once in my life. Sleeping in should not be the way that you spend your entire weekend. I agree that everyone in a while everyone needs a day to just rest but not every Saturday and Sunday. Those morning hours are better spent making breakfast with your family and talking to your grandma in the phone. So basically I think that the you should reserve the weekend mornings for your familia. They're not as bad as they seem. Trust me. It's a great way and time to bond  So basically I think that you should reserve weekend mornings for your familia. They're not as bad as they seem. Trust me. It's a great way to bind and that way when your stressing out during the week they might be more inclined to help you. 

2. Plany-plan-plans
Picture this; you are at the lunch table with your best friends. You are all laughing and having fun. You think about how much you guys should hang out. You slowly open your mouth in anticipation of speech. Your tongue starts to articulate words. Your friends nod in agreement. You start a group message on your phones that you will eventually regret. You've made plans. Wow! That was exhilarating. But common on people, it's not that hard.
See we had a mini photo shoot on a mountain. 
If you make plans with people ahead of time you are going to have more things to do over the weekend and you won't spend the entire time on the couch watching Netflix. Not that you shouldn't watch Netflix. You should. Netflix is good. Netflix is my boyfriend. We are married.

3. The Evil of the World
*Ghostly voice* Hoooooommmmmeeeeewwwwooooorrrrrkkkk. Everybody screams. People start to pray. A girl calls her mom to tell her she loves her. Young children start to cry. Everyone nows their weekend has been officially ruined. But this is because all of these people have not read this blog post and are not aware that there is a way to avoid this. IF YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON FRIDAY NIGHT AND THROUGH THE WEEK YOU DON'T HAVE TO ON THE WEEKEND. Wow I must be the next Einstein. It's okay I'm not trying to make you feel bad about you're self if you haven't done your homework and it's sunday night and you are having a panic attack. It's okay. You are human. You are flawed. We all are. For gods sake I'm telling to do your homework other days when it's sunday right now and I'm blogging.

Your weekends cane the best if you just spend it with your friends and family, and not with school work. So go. Go have fun bloggers.

Blog ya later fellow quirks. 

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