Mar 26, 2015

The World of Wasting Away

Welcome, welcome, ladies and gentle-folk, to the wondrous, wacky, whimsical, wood-headed, wishful world of wasting time, the magical land where seemingly no one wins. Wow, that was sure a mouthful. Today we are going to be exploring the things that you can do when there seems to be nothing to do! The world away from the work. Away from everything in fact!

Alrighty after that lovely, lovely introduction given by the one and only me, I can get into the body of this post about nothing. So if you haven't already guessed this post isn't gonna be as 'informational' as some of my others and probably the most sarcastic. But it won't suck...don't worry. I could never ever let that happen. Well now, ironically, I'm just wasting your time as you read this so lets get on with it shall we.

1. 'Talking' over Text
Texts are most often about pretty much nothing which makes them great ways to use up those extra minutes in your say with something so utterly useless. In case you don't know how to start a random text conversation I have some great starters for you that are sure to get you off talking train to absolutely no where. (Please direct your vision organs to the words below.)

Hey, your shoes untied.

I decided to move to Mexico and ur coming

Turtle emoji

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Are you a pickle or is that just me


I have a story

Is your refrigerator running?

I hate you. #jklolzies #loveyou #loveya #luvyou #luvya #heartyou #heartmygurl #hearteyes

Wow dude is that I spider on your head?!?!


*makes double chin* Hey girlfriend

I hope you have enjoyed that wonderful starter list I have provided. Feel free to mix and match and/or come up with some of your own pointless texts! Of course there are also texts that don't really require a response such as "we're here." At least I hope that doesn't need a response....

Sorry Mia.

2. Of Course Selfies
Let me give you some background info for this one. Not that there's really any needed but I have a story. So once upon a time (last Saturday) I had a singing competition. Me and my father got in the car and drove the the place where I was to sing. Well, unlike normal, we actually showed up like ten minutes before the awards ceremony started, and being a family that is always late we had absolutely no idea what to do for those ten minutes. And sense actually having a real conversation was out of the question, what does my dad do? Pulls out his phone for a selfie. Yep. That's my dad. The coolest of the cool. The best of the best. And in case you were wondering what it was here it is for your amusement.

He texted it to me with the caption "Oh no she din't!" 
If you have EVER met me, I'm not a rave person or whatever those hip kids call it. I'm more of the party pooper sorts. However, even I need a bit of a dance break sometimes. And this is a precicly perfect way to wast your time....anywhere. Just throw on a cheesy overplayed pop song and run around like a maniac. Chances are you'll get some weird looks but just remember the people that don't give you weird looks are the ones that understand the point of life and you can't please the haters. If you don't know any good songs of the dancing type, you can just refer the this link to listen to some horribly written music with bad singers and a bad but contagious beat. "I don't need anyone to tell me how to move my me do me!" Or if you don't want that you can use pretty much any top twenty song from 2012. Video taping your self while dancing will give you a great way to waste time when you feel a dance party is inappropriate, so now to waste your time here is a video of me having a dance break ft. my less enthusiastic mom, brother, and dogs. (Yes my brother was so desperate not to be in the video he hid under the counter...but, I found him (;  )

So I hope that this post in it's self was also a complete and utter way to waste time, but if you have some more of those pesky extra minutes lying around you feel free to also try, watching grass grow, talking to yourself, blowing air threw a straw, and trying to read the dictionary upside down. Or you could just read my next blog post upside down. What ever floats your boat I suppose.

Blog ya latter fellow quirks.


  1. Your dad is my favorite person ever and you are totally a rave kid, have you ever met yourself?!? I agree with the statement that your dad is the coolest person ever. Okay, lots of love :)

  2. I use the pickle conversation starter literally every time I text someone...

  3. You're so horrible I won't drive you anymore