Mar 18, 2015

The Three T's of Blogging

I don't know if anyone else is in the same position that I'm in but I have a hunch you may be. That position is frantically trying to get everything done, and well for that matter, by the end of the quarter.  This post is for all of my fellow bloggers out there that feel as though they're time for blogging has seen a recent decrease due to tests and tribulations that come with the end of a quarter. But over riding everything else, I suppose that this post is a little bit more for me than for anyone else. This post is all about how to come up with ideas for a blog and get it written quickly.  Not an easy task if your a perfectionist in any sense of the word. But never the less I am wasting time. Lets get on with the blog for heavens sake!

1. Trying for a Topic
The very first step for writing a blog is to think up a topic. It may come from nowhere but the depths of your mind that only you can understand or maybe it's the most obvious think that you could post about. The trick to getting a topic at all is to be on the look out twenty-four-seven. If you just have the thought of your blog in the back of your mind during your regular life something during your day WILL spark up an idea. When this happens be sure to pull out that phone of yours and write it down. If your as cool as me you may even have a way to blog on your phone. #thenerdiestofthenerds  Chances are this point of inspiration will not come at convenient time to blog so once your time schedule clears up get to it!
A wonderful visual of inspiration striking by model LL Wood.

2. Type it real good! 
If you happen to be student at Treasure Mountain Junior High, as many of my readers are, you have to take a comp-tech class that requires you to learn how to use those fingers of yours to type. DONT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED! Typing fast is a skill that you will use not just in blogging but in other things too! so you should make sure that you hone those skills to a fine point so you can crank out those words almost as fast as you think them! This will help you get those blogs out on the page a lot faster.

3. Thinking's for Wimps
In general I don't say that you shouldn't think. Thinking is good. Thinking is my friend. However when you are blogging leave that silly brain of yours at home. You won 't be needing it here.
No comment needed. (Photo Creds)
Alright so that's not completely true. You need a brain to type, spell, form sentences, and breathe. When blogging I think that you just shouldn't think too hard about what you are saying. Just write how you would talk and that's gonna add all of the voice, personality, and eloquence that a blog posts craves. People tend to talk in a generally interesting way we don't just use sentences from the Dick and Jane books. I like books. Jane likes books. Books are good. Books use words. Words are for blogs. Blogs are cool. This is a blog. You read a blog. Blog blog blog... and so on. So unless you happen to be a three year old blogger that's learning to read just write your mind if you know what I mean little duck.

In case you were wondering I did use all of these steps to write this post... #followintherules.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

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