Mar 8, 2015

The Pains of Painting

I saw this quote online that said something to the extent of, "Changing your life is cool but it costs money and time." I agree. Like ain't nobody got time for that. Oh ya, except for um, me. Over the last break that we had I decided to paint my room, and if you had seen my room before the transformation you would have understood why. I'lll show you a picture later. No peeking please.

 So anyways... I recruited as many people as a could, three, and we got to work. After a couple of days "flash, bam, ali-ca-zam, out of the orange colored sky" came my new room. JK it took a lot of work and we finished WAY after sunset on Saturday. Plus I may have cried like five times. Ha.....Ha.....Ha? Lets just say that I did realize how much of a perfectionist I am. Actually, I knew just how much of a perfectionist I was, I just thought I'd be a better painter. However, I did learn a couple of things on my journey to a new room. So if you think that you should change up your life, think about these couple of things first.

1. The Quote is Real 
It is true that it takes a lot of time to paint a room. I didn't realize that it was going to take up my entire break. Literally every moment. But it's really only torture if you are doing it alone, which I did a couple of times when no one could come over. But I found that if you just play some music and pretend you're the lead in a music video it makes it a lot more fun. It is also probably the reason that the paint job was so messy. Also, p.s. the thing that takes the longest to paint is the ceiling, and it's also the least fun. I encourage you to avoid this evil at all costs. Even if it means just putting the last person to arrive on ceiling duty. #Ellatheceilingwassofunwehadtostop, over all I would say that you should just not paint the ceiling period.

Ella was painting the ceiling

2. Choose Colors/Design You're Not Going To Get Sick Of
Lets just say I learned my lesson the hard way with this one. Again if you saw my room you know why. NO PEAKING! I'M WATCHING YOU! However, I will let you know a little bit of the struggle, I was ten, I loved polka-dots and bright colors. (Why am I embarrassing myself on the internet?) This time around I was not gonna let myself make the same mistake. I chose colors inspired by lavender fields in France.
Honestly, isn't that just the prettiest thing! *swoons over pic* (Photo Creds)
 I knew if I went with that bring of a purple it would be too intense for an entire room so I used a lighter lavender color with a touch of blue. I also used a light cream color on one wall to mellow out the purple even more because it was just gonna look like the inside of a grape. Then again, the insides of grapes are like a weird pale green. I also added a darker purple to satisfy my lavender field needs on the inside of my window seat.
Yes, I'm too lazy to hang that thing up. And yes, the picture coloring is a little off... I don't know why. 
Over all my colors are exactly what I imagined and hopefully I don't get sick of them as fast as I got sick of that other brown color. Oops I'm giving my old room away!

3. Decorations Ahead of Time
Learned this one the hard way once again. When I was getting ready to repaint my room I realized that I never used along of the furniture in my room that I had had sense I was little, and I was sick of my wall decor. So I got rid of it all. Yep, bad idea. Once I got finished slaving over the paint job I went to put things back in my room and the lack of anything made it look like a jail cell.
You might infer that that pink on the table was one of my old room colors, but I'm not telling you anything. 
 Now there was no way I was gonna let that fly so I found some wall art quick and brought our families electric piano up to my room (I'm the only one who uses it anyway.) It helped to fill the room a little bit but I'm pretty sure I've just gotten used to the jail look so I don't notice it anymore. Moral of the story, have things for your room because new colored walls are nothing without anything else.

Now if you immediately scrolled down to the bottom in search of the pic of my old room. I was smarter than you and there is a link below. I encourage you to use resistance. Scroll back up. Read. Don't do this. However, if you HAVE read all of this I guess you've earned to privilege to see my old room. I pray that you know I'm not the girl I was five years ago and I do not promote the decisions made in that rough time of my life. Heres the dreaded link. *shutters*

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

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