Mar 19, 2015

Fashion Frenzy

(Voice of Kristen Bell) Fashion is a changing art that we upper east siders have to constantly keep in check. Because everyone knows your own mis-steps are always the ones that lead to your down fall in the end. People are always trying to be the first to wear or design something new. But if style is a race, are you the turtle or the hare? Good luck keeping up with me. XOXO ....

That last paragraph was a tribute the blogger of all bloggers in Alexa land, that's right Gossip Girl. You have no idea how long it took me to compose a sentence or two that sounds as though they could have possibly been from the show (tbh they still need tweaking.) So needless to say I'm not as popular as the anonymous blogger from the television show, but that's not gonna stop me from giving my knowledge to you in the land of all things clothing. Am I think most qualified for this job? Not exactly, but if you want to take my advise at least I'll think you look good right.

(Alexa would like to not that she is not liable for any fashion crimes committed and apologize ahead of time for any bad advise.)

1. Daytime Dressy
I don't think that jut because you are going to school you shouldn't wear a skirt or dress! Why is it that people never wear dresses to school? Do you feel like you are going to church or something because that's not what anyone is thinking. Everyone is thinking, "wow that girl has a lot of confidence," or "she looks so cut today, I love that dress!" or "I should get something like that." Seriously it's not that weird. Now I'm not saying you should wear a full on prom dress or heals or anything crazy like that. I'm just saying skipping the leggings and sweatshirt for one day is a good thing.

I have also found that if I wear a dress or something that I feel good in at school my confidence level goes up, I'm more fun to be around, and I concentrate better in class because I'm not so worried about what other people think. I feel good and that's what matters. If you want to take a small and fashion forward step in the world of casual dresses you should start with a no shape, or shift style dress. Often made of cotton, they are about the most comfortable thing ever not to mention they look good on just about everyone. Some awesome ones are currently at American Eagle so check it out!
A less casual shift dress worn by B herself. (Photo Creds)
2. SHOES!!!! 
Shoes are, like braids, one of my many weaknesses. I like them a little bit. A lot actually. For instance just in my closet I counted only four pairs of pants (not including leggings) but eighteen pairs of shoes.... yeah so that happened. I think that they are just so pretty I can't explain it. Alright lets get to the point. I wear uggs pretty much everyday. Do I regret it throughout the day? Never. But then I realize everyone wears the same shoes, uggs, converse, and vans. Like come on guys lets switch it up! Be unique wear some heals for crying out loud. I think that wearing a low cut boot or even some flats can really shape up a look that you can be proud of. Ya feel me? The slightly worn out wedges are the prize of my shoe collection because they are not just sneakers that everyone has
I call them my sassy shoes. 

3. Unique is Chic 
Honestly I encourage everyone to wear something that they think is cool but nerve to thought you could pull off. Chances are you can. Wear that sassy army green headband if you want to! Those patterned leggings look great on you! That jackets amazing, where did you get it? I'm digging the camouflage umbrella hat! (Not really, it's not cute.) But seriously if you like it, wear it! I won't judge. (Unless it's that hat, don't wear that.)  Now please observe this stalker-ish picture that I took of a girl in provo at Starbucks. I don't regret it though, because her sweater thing was super cute and unique and I wanted it for a blog post.
 But like that's so unique and cool. 
Even though the most uncontroversial piece of advise I gave was that camo umbrella hats are bad, you could try these tips if you'd like. But definitely do this last one because it's important. My last piece of my advise is just be yourself. You can't be anyone else. (#cheesycenteral) If you disagree or agree with any of my tips please comment and let me know!

Blog ya later fellow quirks. 

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