Mar 13, 2015

Dreaming of Decorations

Now that I've educated you all on the joys of painting. I realized that I forgot to mention that you WILL be covered in paint for a couple of days, maybe even weeks depending on where it is. Lets just say I'm still finding sections of my hair with touches of purple. But never the less, that's not always a bad thing. It shows you put in hard work and if your already covered in paint, it's all the more reason to paint your friends entire leg when they refuse to help more with the ceiling. *cough cough* Olivia *cough*. But enough about the painting process because now we are actually at the fun part! That's right it's time to dive into decorations!

1. Choosing a theme
I have a weird passion for room decor. I love everything from fancy chandeliers to worn down barn doors and bubbly letters. But before you can eve start the decor you need to choose what sort of look you are going for. May I suggest looking at the bottom of my last post and clicking on the link to see an example of a bad theme. You should make sure to choose something timeless so as your style changes you never get sick of it. And keep in mind your theme can very well be no theme! Sometimes those are the best of all. If you just decorate with things that are sentimental to you and you either made of love it will all work out for the better.

Using pictures and personal things is a great way to make it your own.
2. Why DIY? 
Because why the heck not? It's a cheap and easy way to jazz up your room and it can be super upper duper fun. If you aren't trying to get a elegant and/or professional look then I say the shy far the best way to add color and fun. A couple of fun ideas for DIY are...

homemade curtains
photo collages
crayon art
planks of wood painted with chalkboard paint

LIVE. How inspiring Morgan. Truly great. 
This painting was done by my best friend last year, and you can replicate something like this easy as pie. Yum. Take one blank canvas and using either sticky poster letters or painters tape make a word, phrase, saying, ect. Then you can take any paint you like in any colors and paint the entire canvas including over the letters. Once the paint is dry, peal it back and reveal your painters masterpiece!

3. Cheap Cheap like a Bird
After you have just spent so much time painting your room chances are you are going to want to give it a whole new look. DON'T! but if you do it's going to be very expensive so either save up money or prepare for some serious bargain shopping. Lucky for you I am a master at the art of finding good deals on things so you have come to the right place. A few good places to look for cheap things that are relatively nice are TJ Max for art and decorative pillows and/or mirrors, Bed Bath and Beyond for just about anything, Peir One imports for furniture, and yo uphold also check out all of the cute little shops on main street for sales. The last place that I think is a must go when decorating, but is sadly a bit pricy, is anthropology. I know that the anthropology boho hippy vintage is also just my personal style, but I highly suggest that you check it out! I'm slightly obsessed.
I may or may not be crying because I found really really cute decorations.
Anyways, I hope that I didn't bore you too much with this probably boring post who are as design-y and room decor-y as I am (aka the rest of the teenage population). I know that there are a lot of different styles out there are you should make sure that you express your-self in your room.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.


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