Mar 26, 2015

The World of Wasting Away

Welcome, welcome, ladies and gentle-folk, to the wondrous, wacky, whimsical, wood-headed, wishful world of wasting time, the magical land where seemingly no one wins. Wow, that was sure a mouthful. Today we are going to be exploring the things that you can do when there seems to be nothing to do! The world away from the work. Away from everything in fact!

Alrighty after that lovely, lovely introduction given by the one and only me, I can get into the body of this post about nothing. So if you haven't already guessed this post isn't gonna be as 'informational' as some of my others and probably the most sarcastic. But it won't suck...don't worry. I could never ever let that happen. Well now, ironically, I'm just wasting your time as you read this so lets get on with it shall we.

1. 'Talking' over Text
Texts are most often about pretty much nothing which makes them great ways to use up those extra minutes in your say with something so utterly useless. In case you don't know how to start a random text conversation I have some great starters for you that are sure to get you off talking train to absolutely no where. (Please direct your vision organs to the words below.)

Hey, your shoes untied.

I decided to move to Mexico and ur coming

Turtle emoji

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Are you a pickle or is that just me


I have a story

Is your refrigerator running?

I hate you. #jklolzies #loveyou #loveya #luvyou #luvya #heartyou #heartmygurl #hearteyes

Wow dude is that I spider on your head?!?!


*makes double chin* Hey girlfriend

I hope you have enjoyed that wonderful starter list I have provided. Feel free to mix and match and/or come up with some of your own pointless texts! Of course there are also texts that don't really require a response such as "we're here." At least I hope that doesn't need a response....

Sorry Mia.

2. Of Course Selfies
Let me give you some background info for this one. Not that there's really any needed but I have a story. So once upon a time (last Saturday) I had a singing competition. Me and my father got in the car and drove the the place where I was to sing. Well, unlike normal, we actually showed up like ten minutes before the awards ceremony started, and being a family that is always late we had absolutely no idea what to do for those ten minutes. And sense actually having a real conversation was out of the question, what does my dad do? Pulls out his phone for a selfie. Yep. That's my dad. The coolest of the cool. The best of the best. And in case you were wondering what it was here it is for your amusement.

He texted it to me with the caption "Oh no she din't!" 
If you have EVER met me, I'm not a rave person or whatever those hip kids call it. I'm more of the party pooper sorts. However, even I need a bit of a dance break sometimes. And this is a precicly perfect way to wast your time....anywhere. Just throw on a cheesy overplayed pop song and run around like a maniac. Chances are you'll get some weird looks but just remember the people that don't give you weird looks are the ones that understand the point of life and you can't please the haters. If you don't know any good songs of the dancing type, you can just refer the this link to listen to some horribly written music with bad singers and a bad but contagious beat. "I don't need anyone to tell me how to move my me do me!" Or if you don't want that you can use pretty much any top twenty song from 2012. Video taping your self while dancing will give you a great way to waste time when you feel a dance party is inappropriate, so now to waste your time here is a video of me having a dance break ft. my less enthusiastic mom, brother, and dogs. (Yes my brother was so desperate not to be in the video he hid under the counter...but, I found him (;  )

So I hope that this post in it's self was also a complete and utter way to waste time, but if you have some more of those pesky extra minutes lying around you feel free to also try, watching grass grow, talking to yourself, blowing air threw a straw, and trying to read the dictionary upside down. Or you could just read my next blog post upside down. What ever floats your boat I suppose.

Blog ya latter fellow quirks.

How to be Cool

Bonjour my amigos. Yes I am aware that I just used three different languages in the same sentence. But I'm kinda just cool like that. Are you cool like that? Well even if you're not this isn't about how you can be like you might infer from the title. This post is a bit like my other post How to Be Hot on hot cocoa. Because when I mean cool I mean the literal temperature, and when I think of cold things, I think of Ice Cream. I know the correlation of the tile to the post is a bit loose, but it's valid. And with spring fever in the air yummy icy sweetness is just the thing to kick off the season!

1. Homemade Ice-cream 
I know that just going to the store and buying it would be a lot easier but by makin' it at home you can have some fun and you can also make it just how you like. The very first thing that you need when making homemade Ice-cream is, well a way to freeze it. Using a snazzy commercial ice-cream maker is obviously the best way to go if you have one but if you don't never fear. By adding your mix to a small plastic bag (sealed well) then putting that in a larger bag filled with Ice and salt, a bit of shaking later and you'll be frozen.

Before you can freeze anything you need to make your mix, a classic ice-cream base is 3/4 cup white sugar, 2 1/4 cups milk, and one cup of cream. Just heat that mix till the sugar is dissolved and there is foam around the edge of the milk. Then take it off the heat and add in your flavorings. (this means like extracts and spices, do not add in mix ins such as chocolate chips yet.) Some of my favorite flavors are mint made with mint extract and green food coloring, chocolate make with cocoa powder and a pinch of cinnamon, and french vanilla made with vanilla extract and seeds from fresh vanilla beans. Chill this mix over night and then the next day either pop it into your ice cream maker or your plastic baggy for shaking and freezing. Once the mix comes to a soft serve texture you add your mix in's such s chocolate chips or marshmellows. You can either eat it just like that or let if freeze a bit longer for thicker consistency. V-walla! Deliciousness and all homemade.

2. Popsicle Part-ay 
These are my absolute favorite because they are super easy from scratch and are WAY healthier when you make them. To get started you are gonna need a popsicle pan, this (unlike and ice-cream machine) is a must. You can make it in small plastic cups with popsicle sticks but it's a bit harder.

Alright, to get started choose your favorite fruit. In my case I am going to use the example of watermelon and orange because they make the absolute most amazing popsicles. You need to either juice your fruit if it's citrice or chop it up. If you have whole pieces of fruit pop it into the blender and give it a couple of pulses. I prefer my mixture completely smooth with no chunks but my brother likes them so it's just up to you. Then add a table spoon or so of honey depending on the fruit you choose, water mellon and orange just needs a little bit, then add a table spoon or lemon juice for extra brightness and pulse one or two more times in the blender. Then if you want a smooth consistency strain the liquid into a bowl. Using a funnel put the mixture into your containers. At this point you can add some whole pieces of fruit to make them super pretty before you pop it in the freezer. It's best to wait over night to ensure they are frozen but if you can't do that wait at least four hours, and then you have a sweet treat that really isn't bad for you at all.
Frankly these were just photographed better than mine #sorrynotsorry (Photo Creds)

A fun thing to do if you have dogs is make then some popsicles too, you can just put some canned pumpkin (no spices) into a couple of popsicle molds and when they are done, you let your dog lick and bite away at them. Fun Fact: the pumpkin helps a dogs digestive system so if they are sick this is a great thing to help them feel better.

3. The Quicky 
If you haven't caught on the other two things take a while to freeze and make so that's why I've turned to the fastest chilly sweet I could think of. A SMOOOOOOOOOOOTHIE! Yes I know I've written about these before, but for good reason they are back. I'm not gonna go into detail on how to make a smoothie because I think that it's fairly strait forward and I trust my readers to have some basic knowledge. However I will give you my favorite flavor combo: Frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, honey greek yogurt, orange juice, fresh basil, and fresh spinach for health and stuff. I promise it doesn't taste like gross vegetables even if it looks green. 

If you try out any of these very loose recipes let me know your favorite flavor combo and such. I think that you will have lots of fun creating and eating all of these cold creations, I know I will.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

Mar 25, 2015

Ending Without the Pain

(Building Jaws Music) Duh dum. Duh dum. (Speeding up) Duh dum duh dum duh dum. DUN DUN!!!!! Lets all thank my imaginary tech crew and orchestra for that lovely imaginary song they just played us. Really, really nice work guy, you can take five. Voice's in background say, "Thank you five." Well I only have five minutes here to chat with because my crew is on break so lets make this post short and sweet. Not really sweet though,  if you know what I mean. But you most likely don't because I haven't actually told you what this post is about or what in the world the dramatic intro was for. Well here's your answer to both questions, THE QUARTER IS ENDING AND IT'S SNEAKING UP FAST! So this post is all about how to keep up with the craziness of a quarter end. Or as my french final said it, fin du premier semester. (So technically that means end of first semester but whatever.)

The trick to doing well on you rend of the quarter finals is to stay clam. Picture one of those clique pictures with the stay clam and do whatever things. Those are the best. But I'm not joking the more worked up and worried you get they more you are sabotaging yourself of a successful score. Assuming that you study and learned what you need to over the course of the quarter there is nothing else that you can do. So go to be super early (if you aren't cramming) eat a nice healthy breakfast.

The last little trick that I have for finals week is move to Finland. I hear that in Finland tests are optional. And lets be honest, even if your calm and well rested, no test is so much better every time.

Children in Finland don't have to study and have time to paint their faces.  (Photo Creds)

2. That One Grade...
If you're a normal person chances are you don't have perfect grades while entering this dreaded period. And if you're normal you most likely have one of two classes that are gonna be grilling the bad of your mind until you get it/them up. The best thing that you can do is make sure that you don't have a sing zero in that class. Just one assignment where you have a zero is going to majorly affect the overall grade. Remember even if your teacher has a 'strict' no late work policy, there is literally no risk in asking because the worst they could say is no, which they already have. The next thing that you can do is try to just do SUPER amazing on the last couple of things that go into your grade. As long as that grade is higher than your overall grade its not gonna make it go down. If it's enough higher it could add percentage or two. The last and final thing you can do is just simply go ask the teacher what you can do to bring it up, because like I said what's the worst that could happen?

3. Sleep 
Chances are between trying to bring that grade up and studying for finals you are gonna wanna stay up late to get it all done. Don't fall into that trap. I mean you should study and work as much as you can but if that clock starts to approach midnight, it's time to call in the towel. At that point chances are you aren't gonna learn anything and you are gonna be miserable the next day. You might even feel as sad as I look in the following photograph.

Don't worry, I was rather joyful. (just bad timing)

Well I gotta get back to that studying thing, ew. Anyways....

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

Mar 19, 2015

Fashion Frenzy

(Voice of Kristen Bell) Fashion is a changing art that we upper east siders have to constantly keep in check. Because everyone knows your own mis-steps are always the ones that lead to your down fall in the end. People are always trying to be the first to wear or design something new. But if style is a race, are you the turtle or the hare? Good luck keeping up with me. XOXO ....

That last paragraph was a tribute the blogger of all bloggers in Alexa land, that's right Gossip Girl. You have no idea how long it took me to compose a sentence or two that sounds as though they could have possibly been from the show (tbh they still need tweaking.) So needless to say I'm not as popular as the anonymous blogger from the television show, but that's not gonna stop me from giving my knowledge to you in the land of all things clothing. Am I think most qualified for this job? Not exactly, but if you want to take my advise at least I'll think you look good right.

(Alexa would like to not that she is not liable for any fashion crimes committed and apologize ahead of time for any bad advise.)

1. Daytime Dressy
I don't think that jut because you are going to school you shouldn't wear a skirt or dress! Why is it that people never wear dresses to school? Do you feel like you are going to church or something because that's not what anyone is thinking. Everyone is thinking, "wow that girl has a lot of confidence," or "she looks so cut today, I love that dress!" or "I should get something like that." Seriously it's not that weird. Now I'm not saying you should wear a full on prom dress or heals or anything crazy like that. I'm just saying skipping the leggings and sweatshirt for one day is a good thing.

I have also found that if I wear a dress or something that I feel good in at school my confidence level goes up, I'm more fun to be around, and I concentrate better in class because I'm not so worried about what other people think. I feel good and that's what matters. If you want to take a small and fashion forward step in the world of casual dresses you should start with a no shape, or shift style dress. Often made of cotton, they are about the most comfortable thing ever not to mention they look good on just about everyone. Some awesome ones are currently at American Eagle so check it out!
A less casual shift dress worn by B herself. (Photo Creds)
2. SHOES!!!! 
Shoes are, like braids, one of my many weaknesses. I like them a little bit. A lot actually. For instance just in my closet I counted only four pairs of pants (not including leggings) but eighteen pairs of shoes.... yeah so that happened. I think that they are just so pretty I can't explain it. Alright lets get to the point. I wear uggs pretty much everyday. Do I regret it throughout the day? Never. But then I realize everyone wears the same shoes, uggs, converse, and vans. Like come on guys lets switch it up! Be unique wear some heals for crying out loud. I think that wearing a low cut boot or even some flats can really shape up a look that you can be proud of. Ya feel me? The slightly worn out wedges are the prize of my shoe collection because they are not just sneakers that everyone has
I call them my sassy shoes. 

3. Unique is Chic 
Honestly I encourage everyone to wear something that they think is cool but nerve to thought you could pull off. Chances are you can. Wear that sassy army green headband if you want to! Those patterned leggings look great on you! That jackets amazing, where did you get it? I'm digging the camouflage umbrella hat! (Not really, it's not cute.) But seriously if you like it, wear it! I won't judge. (Unless it's that hat, don't wear that.)  Now please observe this stalker-ish picture that I took of a girl in provo at Starbucks. I don't regret it though, because her sweater thing was super cute and unique and I wanted it for a blog post.
 But like that's so unique and cool. 
Even though the most uncontroversial piece of advise I gave was that camo umbrella hats are bad, you could try these tips if you'd like. But definitely do this last one because it's important. My last piece of my advise is just be yourself. You can't be anyone else. (#cheesycenteral) If you disagree or agree with any of my tips please comment and let me know!

Blog ya later fellow quirks. 

Mar 18, 2015

The Three T's of Blogging

I don't know if anyone else is in the same position that I'm in but I have a hunch you may be. That position is frantically trying to get everything done, and well for that matter, by the end of the quarter.  This post is for all of my fellow bloggers out there that feel as though they're time for blogging has seen a recent decrease due to tests and tribulations that come with the end of a quarter. But over riding everything else, I suppose that this post is a little bit more for me than for anyone else. This post is all about how to come up with ideas for a blog and get it written quickly.  Not an easy task if your a perfectionist in any sense of the word. But never the less I am wasting time. Lets get on with the blog for heavens sake!

1. Trying for a Topic
The very first step for writing a blog is to think up a topic. It may come from nowhere but the depths of your mind that only you can understand or maybe it's the most obvious think that you could post about. The trick to getting a topic at all is to be on the look out twenty-four-seven. If you just have the thought of your blog in the back of your mind during your regular life something during your day WILL spark up an idea. When this happens be sure to pull out that phone of yours and write it down. If your as cool as me you may even have a way to blog on your phone. #thenerdiestofthenerds  Chances are this point of inspiration will not come at convenient time to blog so once your time schedule clears up get to it!
A wonderful visual of inspiration striking by model LL Wood.

2. Type it real good! 
If you happen to be student at Treasure Mountain Junior High, as many of my readers are, you have to take a comp-tech class that requires you to learn how to use those fingers of yours to type. DONT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED! Typing fast is a skill that you will use not just in blogging but in other things too! so you should make sure that you hone those skills to a fine point so you can crank out those words almost as fast as you think them! This will help you get those blogs out on the page a lot faster.

3. Thinking's for Wimps
In general I don't say that you shouldn't think. Thinking is good. Thinking is my friend. However when you are blogging leave that silly brain of yours at home. You won 't be needing it here.
No comment needed. (Photo Creds)
Alright so that's not completely true. You need a brain to type, spell, form sentences, and breathe. When blogging I think that you just shouldn't think too hard about what you are saying. Just write how you would talk and that's gonna add all of the voice, personality, and eloquence that a blog posts craves. People tend to talk in a generally interesting way we don't just use sentences from the Dick and Jane books. I like books. Jane likes books. Books are good. Books use words. Words are for blogs. Blogs are cool. This is a blog. You read a blog. Blog blog blog... and so on. So unless you happen to be a three year old blogger that's learning to read just write your mind if you know what I mean little duck.

In case you were wondering I did use all of these steps to write this post... #followintherules.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

Mar 15, 2015

Werk on the Weekends

Here's a depressing fact: one seventh of you life is spent on Mondays, and everyone know how much Monday's suck! Am I right kids? Even from the first minute you wake up in Monday you can't wait for the weekend even though it feels years away? But then the weekend comes and goes without you even makeing it worth while..then you're back at the beginning waiting for Friday. The cycle never ends. Until now that is!  Because this post for you people is about making the most of you saturedays and Sunday's so when that dreaded Monday morning comes you can imbrace it instead of dreaming for Friday. Let's just slay the two best days of the week instead.

1. Sleeping in! More like waste of time. 
To pretty much every other teenager on the plant that sounds like the words of satan himself. But I'm being serious for once in my life. Sleeping in should not be the way that you spend your entire weekend. I agree that everyone in a while everyone needs a day to just rest but not every Saturday and Sunday. Those morning hours are better spent making breakfast with your family and talking to your grandma in the phone. So basically I think that the you should reserve the weekend mornings for your familia. They're not as bad as they seem. Trust me. It's a great way and time to bond  So basically I think that you should reserve weekend mornings for your familia. They're not as bad as they seem. Trust me. It's a great way to bind and that way when your stressing out during the week they might be more inclined to help you. 

2. Plany-plan-plans
Picture this; you are at the lunch table with your best friends. You are all laughing and having fun. You think about how much you guys should hang out. You slowly open your mouth in anticipation of speech. Your tongue starts to articulate words. Your friends nod in agreement. You start a group message on your phones that you will eventually regret. You've made plans. Wow! That was exhilarating. But common on people, it's not that hard.
See we had a mini photo shoot on a mountain. 
If you make plans with people ahead of time you are going to have more things to do over the weekend and you won't spend the entire time on the couch watching Netflix. Not that you shouldn't watch Netflix. You should. Netflix is good. Netflix is my boyfriend. We are married.

3. The Evil of the World
*Ghostly voice* Hoooooommmmmeeeeewwwwooooorrrrrkkkk. Everybody screams. People start to pray. A girl calls her mom to tell her she loves her. Young children start to cry. Everyone nows their weekend has been officially ruined. But this is because all of these people have not read this blog post and are not aware that there is a way to avoid this. IF YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON FRIDAY NIGHT AND THROUGH THE WEEK YOU DON'T HAVE TO ON THE WEEKEND. Wow I must be the next Einstein. It's okay I'm not trying to make you feel bad about you're self if you haven't done your homework and it's sunday night and you are having a panic attack. It's okay. You are human. You are flawed. We all are. For gods sake I'm telling to do your homework other days when it's sunday right now and I'm blogging.

Your weekends cane the best if you just spend it with your friends and family, and not with school work. So go. Go have fun bloggers.

Blog ya later fellow quirks. 

Mar 13, 2015

Dreaming of Decorations

Now that I've educated you all on the joys of painting. I realized that I forgot to mention that you WILL be covered in paint for a couple of days, maybe even weeks depending on where it is. Lets just say I'm still finding sections of my hair with touches of purple. But never the less, that's not always a bad thing. It shows you put in hard work and if your already covered in paint, it's all the more reason to paint your friends entire leg when they refuse to help more with the ceiling. *cough cough* Olivia *cough*. But enough about the painting process because now we are actually at the fun part! That's right it's time to dive into decorations!

1. Choosing a theme
I have a weird passion for room decor. I love everything from fancy chandeliers to worn down barn doors and bubbly letters. But before you can eve start the decor you need to choose what sort of look you are going for. May I suggest looking at the bottom of my last post and clicking on the link to see an example of a bad theme. You should make sure to choose something timeless so as your style changes you never get sick of it. And keep in mind your theme can very well be no theme! Sometimes those are the best of all. If you just decorate with things that are sentimental to you and you either made of love it will all work out for the better.

Using pictures and personal things is a great way to make it your own.
2. Why DIY? 
Because why the heck not? It's a cheap and easy way to jazz up your room and it can be super upper duper fun. If you aren't trying to get a elegant and/or professional look then I say the shy far the best way to add color and fun. A couple of fun ideas for DIY are...

homemade curtains
photo collages
crayon art
planks of wood painted with chalkboard paint

LIVE. How inspiring Morgan. Truly great. 
This painting was done by my best friend last year, and you can replicate something like this easy as pie. Yum. Take one blank canvas and using either sticky poster letters or painters tape make a word, phrase, saying, ect. Then you can take any paint you like in any colors and paint the entire canvas including over the letters. Once the paint is dry, peal it back and reveal your painters masterpiece!

3. Cheap Cheap like a Bird
After you have just spent so much time painting your room chances are you are going to want to give it a whole new look. DON'T! but if you do it's going to be very expensive so either save up money or prepare for some serious bargain shopping. Lucky for you I am a master at the art of finding good deals on things so you have come to the right place. A few good places to look for cheap things that are relatively nice are TJ Max for art and decorative pillows and/or mirrors, Bed Bath and Beyond for just about anything, Peir One imports for furniture, and yo uphold also check out all of the cute little shops on main street for sales. The last place that I think is a must go when decorating, but is sadly a bit pricy, is anthropology. I know that the anthropology boho hippy vintage is also just my personal style, but I highly suggest that you check it out! I'm slightly obsessed.
I may or may not be crying because I found really really cute decorations.
Anyways, I hope that I didn't bore you too much with this probably boring post who are as design-y and room decor-y as I am (aka the rest of the teenage population). I know that there are a lot of different styles out there are you should make sure that you express your-self in your room.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

Mar 8, 2015

The Pains of Painting

I saw this quote online that said something to the extent of, "Changing your life is cool but it costs money and time." I agree. Like ain't nobody got time for that. Oh ya, except for um, me. Over the last break that we had I decided to paint my room, and if you had seen my room before the transformation you would have understood why. I'lll show you a picture later. No peeking please.

 So anyways... I recruited as many people as a could, three, and we got to work. After a couple of days "flash, bam, ali-ca-zam, out of the orange colored sky" came my new room. JK it took a lot of work and we finished WAY after sunset on Saturday. Plus I may have cried like five times. Ha.....Ha.....Ha? Lets just say that I did realize how much of a perfectionist I am. Actually, I knew just how much of a perfectionist I was, I just thought I'd be a better painter. However, I did learn a couple of things on my journey to a new room. So if you think that you should change up your life, think about these couple of things first.

1. The Quote is Real 
It is true that it takes a lot of time to paint a room. I didn't realize that it was going to take up my entire break. Literally every moment. But it's really only torture if you are doing it alone, which I did a couple of times when no one could come over. But I found that if you just play some music and pretend you're the lead in a music video it makes it a lot more fun. It is also probably the reason that the paint job was so messy. Also, p.s. the thing that takes the longest to paint is the ceiling, and it's also the least fun. I encourage you to avoid this evil at all costs. Even if it means just putting the last person to arrive on ceiling duty. #Ellatheceilingwassofunwehadtostop, over all I would say that you should just not paint the ceiling period.

Ella was painting the ceiling

2. Choose Colors/Design You're Not Going To Get Sick Of
Lets just say I learned my lesson the hard way with this one. Again if you saw my room you know why. NO PEAKING! I'M WATCHING YOU! However, I will let you know a little bit of the struggle, I was ten, I loved polka-dots and bright colors. (Why am I embarrassing myself on the internet?) This time around I was not gonna let myself make the same mistake. I chose colors inspired by lavender fields in France.
Honestly, isn't that just the prettiest thing! *swoons over pic* (Photo Creds)
 I knew if I went with that bring of a purple it would be too intense for an entire room so I used a lighter lavender color with a touch of blue. I also used a light cream color on one wall to mellow out the purple even more because it was just gonna look like the inside of a grape. Then again, the insides of grapes are like a weird pale green. I also added a darker purple to satisfy my lavender field needs on the inside of my window seat.
Yes, I'm too lazy to hang that thing up. And yes, the picture coloring is a little off... I don't know why. 
Over all my colors are exactly what I imagined and hopefully I don't get sick of them as fast as I got sick of that other brown color. Oops I'm giving my old room away!

3. Decorations Ahead of Time
Learned this one the hard way once again. When I was getting ready to repaint my room I realized that I never used along of the furniture in my room that I had had sense I was little, and I was sick of my wall decor. So I got rid of it all. Yep, bad idea. Once I got finished slaving over the paint job I went to put things back in my room and the lack of anything made it look like a jail cell.
You might infer that that pink on the table was one of my old room colors, but I'm not telling you anything. 
 Now there was no way I was gonna let that fly so I found some wall art quick and brought our families electric piano up to my room (I'm the only one who uses it anyway.) It helped to fill the room a little bit but I'm pretty sure I've just gotten used to the jail look so I don't notice it anymore. Moral of the story, have things for your room because new colored walls are nothing without anything else.

Now if you immediately scrolled down to the bottom in search of the pic of my old room. I was smarter than you and there is a link below. I encourage you to use resistance. Scroll back up. Read. Don't do this. However, if you HAVE read all of this I guess you've earned to privilege to see my old room. I pray that you know I'm not the girl I was five years ago and I do not promote the decisions made in that rough time of my life. Heres the dreaded link. *shutters*

Blog ya later fellow quirks.