Jan 8, 2015


FACT OF THE DAY!: You're lying to your self. For the last week and for another week or so, you have been and will be lying. Why is that you ask? Well because it's the beginning of the year and all of those resolutions that you've told your self you are going to follow will soon be disregarded. I've already taken those ideas out of my brain and ripped them into little pieces and burned them to keep myself warm. That was the weirdest sentence I've ever created. I lied again. I've said weirder. Anyways... I'm gonna help the rest of the world keep their new years resolutions, even if I can't!

1. Keep it Realistic 
In case you don't know what that means in terms of a new year, make a resolution sort of like:
1. I'll make three new good friends
2. I'll get one more A per quarter.
3. I'll be less stressed out during finals.
4. I'll only drink one pop a week.

Ya know things that you will actually be able to achieve! One way to make a goal such as this is to think of the thing that made you the most mad during 2k14. After you have figured that out think of one small thing that you could do without causing you to change your entire life to make that better.  For example the thing that made me the most mad in my life during the previous year is that I'm not very out going. So my goal this year is actually the first example I made, make three new friends.

They can be friends with all of us, and how great would that be?
So I am currently accepting auditions for my friends. Please show up with your hair down and natural (no product please.) Be aware that if you show up wearing anything but all bubble gum pink you will be asked to leave. You can find applications here, also please send a video of you having a dance party to awilcox18@pcstudents.us. Remember there are only three spots available so pressure is high.

2. Be a Tumbler Girl
My theory is that one of the reasons that people have trouble keeping their resolutions is because they forget that they ever even made them! So never fear, I have solution (like always.) The first thing to do is make a tumble account for ideas. Then after you have done hours of pointless research, I think that you should just take a day and make a cool piece of art form lots of paint and fun things. Write your resolution on it with cool font and hang it in your room where you know you will see it.

I know it's out-dated shut up! (PHOTO CREDS
3. Do it with a Friend 
I know that you are all currently working on your audition videos to be my friend, but in the mean time. You should tell all of you other friends, (assuming you have some), your goals for the year. By having it out there in the open it will motivate you to stick with it because you don't want to embarrass yourself. All of the goals that I have kept it is mostly not because I think that if will be better for myself, but because I told someone else and don't want them to se me differently when I don't follow up.

Every four of my readers should try their best tot really keep their goals this year and reach them. I believe in you. And so do all of the other inspirational people that we quote online. You can do this broski! Also don't miss friend auditions on January 32. 

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

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