Jan 2, 2015

Boring or Bright - It's Break

Surprising to you or not, I'm not that extremely...popular. More often than not this comes as a shock to people. My lack of time to hang out, desire to follow every rule, and shear awkwardness are my top qualities, so you would naturally think that I'd be the coolest kid in town. Alright weather or not that was new info, totally last year's news, or just confusing for you , don't worry I still have friends...kinda.

The topic of this post is not however, about my social status. (Even-though I'm sure that that would be a hit.) It's about what to do over break when it seems like there is nothing to do. A break form school can be either a blessing or a curse, it just depends how you spend it! So here are a few fun and not so fun (but good) things to do over break.

1. Baking it up 
It's probably just me, but whenever I'm bored I like to bake little goodies and bring them to people! I just think that baking is really fun and for some reason it really calms me down. I usually don't even eat very much of what I make but that's okay because if I ate everything I baked I would probably weigh a thousand pounds.

This resent break I found the COOLEST website! It lets you create your own brownie recipe...although a lot of the different options are alcoholic...just don't choose those ones kids. '

2. Makin' some Money 
My favorite way to make a little cash over the break is babysitting, and thankfully it's not that hard. If I can do it so can you! I love little kids more than anything in the entire world, so at least for me, it was a perfect match. And if you make a bit of money, thats always good for once you get back to school.

Ok so maybe I wasn't babysitting here, but tell me my second cousin isn't the cutest thing ever! 

3. It's back
My family is going to laugh in my face when they see this one. Because it is the homework card and it's been pulled once again. Yes the break is sadly a blessing for all you homework needs. I personally like to start my break with my homework so it's out of the way and you are completely free to enjoy the rest of vacation.
After wards you can burn it too....not that that's what we were doing....

Sorry I had to give you that last one, but thankfully most teachers are gracious enough to not give you too much to do over break. And if you have to think just a little that is probably okay. I hope that everyone has a wonderful break and that we are all rejuvenated when we get back to school.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

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