Jan 8, 2015


FACT OF THE DAY!: You're lying to your self. For the last week and for another week or so, you have been and will be lying. Why is that you ask? Well because it's the beginning of the year and all of those resolutions that you've told your self you are going to follow will soon be disregarded. I've already taken those ideas out of my brain and ripped them into little pieces and burned them to keep myself warm. That was the weirdest sentence I've ever created. I lied again. I've said weirder. Anyways... I'm gonna help the rest of the world keep their new years resolutions, even if I can't!

1. Keep it Realistic 
In case you don't know what that means in terms of a new year, make a resolution sort of like:
1. I'll make three new good friends
2. I'll get one more A per quarter.
3. I'll be less stressed out during finals.
4. I'll only drink one pop a week.

Ya know things that you will actually be able to achieve! One way to make a goal such as this is to think of the thing that made you the most mad during 2k14. After you have figured that out think of one small thing that you could do without causing you to change your entire life to make that better.  For example the thing that made me the most mad in my life during the previous year is that I'm not very out going. So my goal this year is actually the first example I made, make three new friends.

They can be friends with all of us, and how great would that be?
So I am currently accepting auditions for my friends. Please show up with your hair down and natural (no product please.) Be aware that if you show up wearing anything but all bubble gum pink you will be asked to leave. You can find applications here, also please send a video of you having a dance party to awilcox18@pcstudents.us. Remember there are only three spots available so pressure is high.

2. Be a Tumbler Girl
My theory is that one of the reasons that people have trouble keeping their resolutions is because they forget that they ever even made them! So never fear, I have solution (like always.) The first thing to do is make a tumble account for ideas. Then after you have done hours of pointless research, I think that you should just take a day and make a cool piece of art form lots of paint and fun things. Write your resolution on it with cool font and hang it in your room where you know you will see it.

I know it's out-dated shut up! (PHOTO CREDS
3. Do it with a Friend 
I know that you are all currently working on your audition videos to be my friend, but in the mean time. You should tell all of you other friends, (assuming you have some), your goals for the year. By having it out there in the open it will motivate you to stick with it because you don't want to embarrass yourself. All of the goals that I have kept it is mostly not because I think that if will be better for myself, but because I told someone else and don't want them to se me differently when I don't follow up.

Every four of my readers should try their best tot really keep their goals this year and reach them. I believe in you. And so do all of the other inspirational people that we quote online. You can do this broski! Also don't miss friend auditions on January 32. 

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

Jan 7, 2015

How to be Hot

Hot cocoa that is. Ya, I know that that's not exactly what you were hoping for. But frankly I have no idea how to be actually hot, so I went with this. Because I DO know how to make your hot chocolate a bit more good-looking (or good-tasting). I'm currently in the middle of a hot cocoa addiction, and figured I'd share some of the best recipes in my book.

This is the point in time where you recline your chair, put your feet up, and just get really comfortable. Maybe even grab a blanket or something. And once you are done reading the amazing blog post, (wink), you can make some hot cocoa and cuddle up and watch Netflix.

I defiantly didn't make hot chocolate and pull up Netflix just for this photo...that would be weird.

1. Nutella Nourishment
If you are looking for a recipe that is going to warm you form the inside out, this is the one. Although, it is going to require a couple more minutes and steps. One of the other plus sides to this drink is that, at least in my case, I always have the ingredients! That's because all it takes is milk, Nutella, and cinnamon. Cinnamon is a bit more out-there in-terms of having it around the house, or just in your little pantry, but once you buy it, it takes more than a couple batches of hot chocolate to run out. If you know what I mean.

The proper way to prepare this treat is to heat up about a cup and a half of milk. In a separate cup add two heaping scoops of Nutella and sprinkle in a pinch of cinnamon. Pour a little bit less than half of the milk on top of the Nutella, and stir until it's completely smooth. Then add the rest of the milk and continue to stir until there are no clear clumps in the bottom of the cup. Then enjoy!

2. Fancy and French
Is this cocoa actually the french way? I have no idea what-so-ever. But it IS very fancy and if you pretend that it's french and talk with an accent it's just more fun, and that's what life's all about right? To make this drink you are going to start with 8 ounces of chocolate in a small sauce pan and keep it on a low temperature until melted. Once the chocolate is almost completely melted slowly drizzle in two cups of milk, while whisking the chocolate quickly to help combine the mixture emulsify. Then divide into two small cups, (because it's really rich), and enjoy with a crepe and a beret on your head.

Enjoy like the man below, (I added that mug using some super cool photoshop techniques. Adoring fans say, "Wow that's so cool Alexa!") . I don't know why he is wearing onions...

Sorry to all of the normal french people in the world. (original photo from fancydressball)
3. Powder is not just snow
After a long day of skiing and tearing it up, (that was some more hip language for ya,) the last thing that you want to do is hang around your kitchen trying tho concoct some sort of cray cray french thing and the easier way to go is the easy way. Step one buy hot chocolate powder from store. Step two read directions. Step three follow mentioned directions. Step four drink with smile.

So that's about all that you need to know about creating a delicious treat for your tasty buds on your tongue.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

Jan 2, 2015

Boring or Bright - It's Break

Surprising to you or not, I'm not that extremely...popular. More often than not this comes as a shock to people. My lack of time to hang out, desire to follow every rule, and shear awkwardness are my top qualities, so you would naturally think that I'd be the coolest kid in town. Alright weather or not that was new info, totally last year's news, or just confusing for you , don't worry I still have friends...kinda.

The topic of this post is not however, about my social status. (Even-though I'm sure that that would be a hit.) It's about what to do over break when it seems like there is nothing to do. A break form school can be either a blessing or a curse, it just depends how you spend it! So here are a few fun and not so fun (but good) things to do over break.

1. Baking it up 
It's probably just me, but whenever I'm bored I like to bake little goodies and bring them to people! I just think that baking is really fun and for some reason it really calms me down. I usually don't even eat very much of what I make but that's okay because if I ate everything I baked I would probably weigh a thousand pounds.

This resent break I found the COOLEST website! It lets you create your own brownie recipe...although a lot of the different options are alcoholic...just don't choose those ones kids. '

2. Makin' some Money 
My favorite way to make a little cash over the break is babysitting, and thankfully it's not that hard. If I can do it so can you! I love little kids more than anything in the entire world, so at least for me, it was a perfect match. And if you make a bit of money, thats always good for once you get back to school.

Ok so maybe I wasn't babysitting here, but tell me my second cousin isn't the cutest thing ever! 

3. It's back
My family is going to laugh in my face when they see this one. Because it is the homework card and it's been pulled once again. Yes the break is sadly a blessing for all you homework needs. I personally like to start my break with my homework so it's out of the way and you are completely free to enjoy the rest of vacation.
After wards you can burn it too....not that that's what we were doing....

Sorry I had to give you that last one, but thankfully most teachers are gracious enough to not give you too much to do over break. And if you have to think just a little that is probably okay. I hope that everyone has a wonderful break and that we are all rejuvenated when we get back to school.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.