Dec 28, 2014

Sort of sick

In case you don't catch yourself up on all things in the world of Alexa, I'm sick. But it seems like everyone has been catching the crazy cold, the freak flu, or the spiteful strep-throat. To everyone experiencing winters plague to your cells, I'm here to help you through it all. I'm not exactly a doctor and can't heal you with some magical meds, but I can give you things you can do to make your days at home less painful. And I've got a few tricks up my sleeve considering I haven't been able to breath through my nose for close to three weeks.

1. Play Pretend 
Having a small photo shoot can help you get into character

Ah yes, grab that tiara and strut your stuff. You can be a princess, a Kardashian, (well that's basically the samething), a superhero, your favorite animal, you name it. I find that connecting with your inner fashion-star helps everyone overcome their sickness, especially if you keep the act up all day, even in public. Guys don't be afraid to rock that princess look, if my brother can do it so can you!
He wanted to be like me, It's pretty obvious why.

This seems a bit silly, I know, but I don't actually mean it literally. The best thing that you can do for your self is convince your system that nothing is wrong at all. After you've loaded up on your morning douce of advil, just try to keep your day as normal as possible. If you pretend you're not sick you usually don't feel it. Although, I've never tested the princess thing; if you would rather give that a shot I say #yoloit.

2. Learn from Aurora
Sleeping beauty may have been under a curse, but you better believe she woke up feeling better than ever. Alright, so a thousand years of sleep would probably make your back hurt, but still. When you're sick, sleep is the best thing in the entire world, it's like magic. So rest up and hopefully you will clear away those nasty germs. If you are stuffed up and having trouble getting to sleep in the first place you could always take NyQuil or something of those sorts to help you rest.

3. Tea ;)
If you know me, you know that I will take any excuse I can get to sip on hot cocoa or tea. I love it (heart eye emoji). And a piping hot cup of tea can, AND WILL make your throat feel better whether it's stuffy or dry. Now that I am in my "zone" I've got a bit of educating that I need to do.
I usually get my own pictures, but this look like heaven so....
For everyone that is not a tea drinker, there are two common additions to tea, both of which have different purposes on a ill throat. The first on is honey. The thick stickiness of honey coats your throat with what I think of as a syrupy layer. If your throat is feeling dry or starchy honey is the way to go because it will help keep it damp. The other add-on that you can put in is lemon juice. The acid in lemon will cut through the mucus in your throat. And as gross as that sounds, when you are sick it feels like heaven.

I don't really know if I have told you anything that you couldn't hear from anyone else on earth but I hope that if you are sick you get better, because I know the feeling.

Get well soon my fellow quirks, I'll blog ya later

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