Dec 4, 2014

Snowy Sweets

IT'S HERE! The snow has fallen and we Parkites are well on our way to a winter wonderland. Right now you might be jumping our of seat to go grab your skis, pulling on a santa hat that is way to big for
you, running to the store to buy a carrot and buttons because you're gonna make the most epic snow man ever! Or maybe you're just looking solemnly at your shorts and tank-top wishing that it was still summer. Whether your heart is singing with delight or you are simply dreading the winter, just hold on tight, because here are some delicious treats that make winter well worth the wait.

1. Obviously hot cocoa! It's warm and sweet and kind of makes you feel like your in the North Pole. Everyone knows marshmallows are to best part, especially when they melt and make it extra sweet. And even though this is a winter themed blog...this is kinda good always. Need I say more? No.
The ceremonial first hot chocolate of the season with my cousin.

2. Pulling a Pavlova 
Taking a pretty picture of food is a lot harder than it looks.
A Pavlova is a Meringue made the way the 1920's ballerina Anna Pavlova liked them, soft and chewy in the center topped with whipped cream. In fact, it's the way that I like my meringue too. #twinningwithafamousballerina

My Pavlova is made with whipped eggs and fine sugar then cocoa powder and vinegar is folded in to the mixture, then baked for around an hour. (I promise you can't taste the vinegar, it just helps it cook.) After it's taken out of the oven it's topped with the best kind of snow, (whipped cream,) pomegranate seeds, and extra chocolate meringue crumbles.

Well if your mouth isn't watering after that, you must be an alien and I think that I'm gonna have to call the FBI. Seriously though, the crisp outside of the meringue and the delicate whipped cream both provide a light and airiness that reminds me of snow, but it's supper rich and creamy so it still leaves you with that wonderful warm feeling inside. And because pomegranate season is the beginning of winter, they always taste amazing for a winter dessert.

3. Ginger Bread, Yum. These adorable little friends are crisp and sweet. Made traditionally with ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. All of these flavors are things that remind your taste and smell of the holiday season. Now or course the best part about these cookies are the decorations. You can go the traditional route and use simple icing and gum drops for decoration, and other simple candy's can spice it up a tad. Or you can just go crazy with a house and a roof and everything! Making a true piece of art is hard though if you don't get one of those cheesy cheater kits from Walmart.

How my gingerbread houses generally look before they fall over. (Photo Creds)

What foolishly hope I'll be able to make each year. (Photo Creds)

Hope I've inspired this depressed generation to make something beautiful. #Canyoudoit? #yesyoucan

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

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  1. This is so cute! I love your voice in it, and I'm really exited to make the Pavlova, which looks delicious. I have a post similar to this on my blog that is about flourless chocolate cake. You should check it out!