Oct 10, 2014

Briefing you on Braids and Bows

Straight, curled, or slightly waved
It seems to never just behave
Up, down
Loose or tight
I'll teach you how to get it right

Hopefully you enjoyed that superb piece of poetry written by yours truly! It was inspired by my latest obsession...wait for it... hair! I have found that the way a person arranges their hair is also a huge clue into who they are. Naturally, I had to post about it because this is exactly the type of thing I want to share on Bellezza! My goal is to show you some fierbulous (fierce and fabulous) hair options for everyday, and not so everyday, occasions.

Lusciously long
Mia Taylor's hair that makes me self-conscious

The title kind of explains this look. Luscious, and so on. Now if your hair just isn't as giftedly long as Mia's, then you can always use a flat iron and your favorite no frizz product to still get a straight smooth effect and add some length. The trouble is that it can get a bit boring after awhile, so spicing it up with a side braid and/or hair accessory will add an extra touch of personality.

Dyed, Dynamic, and Dramatic
Milly Routledge of my Creative Writing class
Okay. Okay. I know that this looks really similar to the last look, but bear with me. Dying your hair, although it's kinda #totscrazy it's also, like, #totseffective. (Did you like that sassy slang? Ya I'm hip.) Seriously though, dying your hair can totally help you switch it up, so take that freedom to be and look how you want.

WARNING: If you don't want to make a huge splash by showing up to school looking like you hired someone else to take your place, I recommend changing the color slightly over time with multiple hair appointments. However, if your goal IS to make an impression, I say grab some bleach and lets do this thing!

(Alexa would like you to please note that she does not in any way support ruining your hair with bleach, and would not actually like you to do so.)

Up, Up and Away for Any Day
Kali Peirce's personality fitting Princess style braid

I'm sure you'd figure this out fairly fast, and also probably don't care but... I LOVE BRAIDS! I have definitely saved what I think are the best for last!

The picture to the right is a #perf example of showing who you are. Kali is possibly the sweetest and most caring person I know, so this adorable Disney Princess like half-up-half-down braid fits her perfectly! I encourage y'all to figure out a hairstyle that is to you like this princessy style is to Kali.

A Not so Everyday Up-Do
Morgan Yokubison's spruced up ballet bun!
I don't understand this hair style. All I know is if you are capable of creating such beauty, you deserve a serious award. Congrats, Morgan. 

But seriously, this is such an amazing way to express yourself. Plus it's a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face. So if you want to attempt something like this, I say why not? Although if I were you, I'd have some detangle spray on hand. 

...and this is the top...

(Morgan please report to the front office immediately to pick up your Nobel Prize, thank you.)

As you can tell, there are a wide arrange of different hair styles that are all options for an everyday look. I hope this wasn't as redundant and useless as I know it was. But nevertheless the only way to tell if I improve at this whole blogging thing, is to follow Bellezza!

Why yes, I did just tell you to follow my blog in a horribly cheesy way.

XOXO still not gossip girl...

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