Sep 13, 2014

So this is how you blog...

I'm gonna be honest with you. I have no idea what I am doing. Alexa doesn't know if this blog should be written in third person or first person? Regardless, I'm excited to write for you all. As I think you will all find Alexa isn't your average teenager, but then again what is average? Well we're/I'm/Alexa's not really sure. But that's kinda the fun of it! Everybody's different. So who are you? Well, frankly Alexa couldn't tell you. I barely know myself,

This is me pretty much everyday of my life.  Please view Alexa as shocked Adelaide in Guys and Dolls below.

Photo curtsey of Egyptian Theater
(I've decided first person sounds the best.)

I know I'm a theater geek, and I have been from the start! People say life is about finding who you are. It somehow seems to be the base of most books. And in the end, the journey of finding themselves is what makes them. It seems everyone has had a point in there life where they have had to stop and ask themselves who they truly are. Except me. 

Because I am a Super Hero!

Just me saving innocent children yet again.

Alright you caught me! I'm not that kind of super hero, I'm just a girl who a girl that actually understands who she is and where she belongs. If you ask me that's pretty special. I am on a secret mission to help people find who they are too! One room decoration, playlist, and hair style at a time. These are just some of the fun defining things that I'll be showing you on Bellezza! Because here on Bellezza, It's all about you! So sit back relax and lets figure it all out!

XOXO I'm not gossip girl but I need a tag line.