May 10, 2015

All the Way's I've (Sorta) Changed

Well I was informed that I have to write a post of how I, Alexa Wilcox, have changed and how my blog has changed throughout the year. And to be honest I'm not so sure. I mean I know I've changed but I'm just not the kind of person who is constantly going through different phases and things. I mean I'm not sure if this is how it seems to other people. But I feel like I'm basically the same little girl that came out of my mothers whom. Except for the fact that I'm wearing clothes now. That's new. To prove my point I have a small scenario that I can play out for you, and for the record this happens like everyday.

Emily: "So what's new with you?"
Me: "Nothing."
Emily: "Oh come on. Nothing."
Me: "I decided to braid my hair in a single french braid instead of the usual two. So what's new with you"
Emily: *Big story about how she is gonna be a movie star or something like that*

Soooooo, yeah. And even though I had a specific criteria that I had to write about for this blog post I really wanted to try the same format for my blog because as I stated, I don't do that whole change thing. So I'm gonna write about the little, more insignificant things that I have noticed.

(Sorry it's not a How To post or an advise post like normal. Curse you Mr.Parker.)

1. Sadder Social Life
Starting at the beginning of this year I was really really close with all of my Theater friends from the summer play that we were in together. But like every year, dance sufficiently took over my life again and I had no time to hang out. At the beginning of the year I went for dance no days a week to 7 days a week. In case you hadn't inferred this kinda thing impacts your social life. I mean I couldn't hang our because I had dance. I couldn't sleepover because then I would be tired and not be ready for dance the next morning. I couldn't do anything because, well I had dance, and homework.

You see it's not that I'm dancing 24/7 but I knew that if I still wanted to get good grades I couldn't be hanging out with people up until dance started, because by the time I got home from dance at approximately 9:20 doing all my homework wasn't gonna fly. So because of all of this stuff. I'm a bit more friendless. However, it's not all bad. The girls that I dance with have really become like a second family. And to spend everyday doing what I love with just a 9 really good friends. Well I guess that doesn't really suck.
Had the best time at the recital. BTW pretty much none of my other friends came to see it, because I don't have any. 
2. Procrastination Association 
I'm actually fairly proud of this one. Well even though the time that I am posting this blog isn't representation of this. I have decided to resign from the Procrastination Association. Well at least part time. You see, I actually decided to try to get my life on track this year. With such an intense schedule  due to dance, singing, and theater. I can't afford to be up late every night do the homework from the last two weeks. Of writing an essay in a single night. So I got a planner. And I stuck with it. I can say that I'm more that happy to not be a full time last minute lady any longer.

3. Blooming Blog
In terms of my blog I'd say that I've defiantly grown as a writer because of it. I feel as though I have more of a distinctive voice. That I'm not just a robot in a page, if you know what I mean. Even though  my bog didm' treaty turn out how I planned it. That's okay. I always had fun writing the posts, regardless if anyone ever read them. I feel like it has become much more of a relaxing task rather than a chore. When we first started blogging I always had Ideas on what to write about but it would take me forever to put it on a page and get it ready to post. Now I feel as though I can just write. I don't have to worry about who might read it, or what they might think. I just get to write for me, and I like that. AND I got a real tag line.

Also my Ballet? section of my blog was the best thing that I ever added. It just is the best little look at how genuinely weird we are at dance. But considering we see each other so much, the judgment is pretty much gone between us. I'm just glad my ballet teacher doesn't read this. I wonder what she would think of the quotes that I've used of hers.

Well I'm not really sure if this is the last time I'll be writing on here or not. But I can honestly say it has been a pleasure either way.

XOXO still not quite over the Gossip Girl thing.

Making a Merry Mothers Day

Do you know what day it is? MOTHERS DAY! And just like my blog, it is very very special. So it is important that you make sure it is a heat day for your mom. From start to finish this day should be great.

1. Breakfast/Brunch
The most classic movie mothers day is breakfast in bed. So, I'm hear to help you make the BESTEST BREAKFASTIST. First you have to do is take note of all of your mothers favorite breakfast foods. For example I know that my mom loves eggs with salsa, and my grandma likes unsweetened greek yogurt. Then, make sure that you set your alarm early enough to actually make the breakfast before they get up. I've forgotten that one a couple of times. You should also make sure to get the rest of your familia involved. They are gonna be a bit sad if you give your mom the best gift of all, and they aren't in on it.

2. Hiking
Okay Okay I know that not everyone likes to hike, but in my view of Park City, most of them do. I think that it is defiantly the best think that my family does on mothers day. You do however, have to just pray that there is good weather so that you can have a great hike. Especially with all of the rain that we have been having it is good to just do a special parer of something to get the good weather back to Park City.  But thankfully it ended up working out more that well. It's beautiful outside actually.
The weather while I'm inside writing this blog. 
Some of the great places that you can go are up into the Uintas (if it's warm enough,) Pine-brook, Deer Vally, or PCMR.

3. Movie Night
I don't know about other mothers, but my mom LOVES home movie night. Especially the cheesy pixar classics. I mean not that I blame her. Pixar is bae and all. Even my little brother likes these movie nights. Everyone just needs to turn off their phones and their other electronics. If you do this then it means that your movie will not be interrupted at all and that is quality bonding time that can not be missed. To get this perfect movie night ready just grab as many fluffy, soft pillows as you can find and pile them up on you couch. Then you should also grab everyone in your families favorite pillow. AND also you need popcorn. Because frankly what is a movie without popcorn? Am I right. Or am I right. I feel like I've used that phrase before on my blog. I also feel like I don't care.
Me not caring.
Well I'm gonna go hang with my mom if that's okay with you.
Blog ya later fellow quirks.

May 8, 2015

*Dramatically says the word "DANCE"*

Once upon there was a ballet class. They weren't the most talented. They weren't the most graceful. And they weren't the hardest workers. But they were a team. In 2012 this class had a teacher. This teachers name was Gulianna (jo͞o-lē-äna). Well long and behold, Gulianna was insane. She gave them a dance in which her was the star, they moved their heads like chickens, and one of the girls was shot by a hunter at the end.  It would later go on as a hilarious memory for the girls. After they had preformed for the last time, they took a group picture to capture the madness. And in this picture I hope you find joy. 
Lets all take a minute to appreciate our faces and our awkward arm positions. (Photo Creds)
Well a the next year this ballet class got a new teacher names Juliana (
jo͞o-lē-anə). She taught them how to dance properly and put them in point shoes. And all was well in the world as they grew up to be prima ballerinas and trained with Vaganova

That was purely for my amusement and now to continue my amusement I am going to continue this post with how to get ready for a dance competition, which is completely useless to most people but, feel free to apply this to any situation in life. 

1. Aesthetic
First you need to get your hair and makeup under control. The best way to do this is to take a shower and clean your body but if you can afford not to, don't wash your hair. Just a get your hair really wet. The get out of the shower and get changed into close that you will wear to the competition before you change into costume. Then you need to let your hair dry to the point where it's not dripping but still would leave a wet mark on your shirt if it rested on your back. Once it's at this golden stage you grab your bobby pins and hairspray, and get to work. The most typical hair style that you can do is a ballet bun. So you slick your hair back to the crown of your head and you twist and pin. Twist and pin.

Notice the placement of the bun, and the round form. (Photo Creds)
After you are done with the hair and have hairspray it to rock hard. Than move on to the make up stage. The key things that you are going to need are. 

-Fake Eyelashes
-Eyebrow Pencil

If you are a girl. Which everyone who reads my blog pretty much is, you mostlikly know how to apply all of these things. But you need to make sure to add a lot of everything so you stand out in stage. But considering girls at Treasure already wear enough makeup to make people wonder if there is even a face underneath it all. I don't think you'll have a problem.

2. Snacks 
Just come to terms with the fact that you are going to be there for a long time in-between dances but not enough time to go get food and you are going to be stuck in the dressing room all day and there isn't going to be something to eat and you are going to get hungry and you are going to wish that you read this tip. SO bring a snack. No, bring many snacks, bring a large baggy of snacks and keep them in a safe place where it wont get crushed. Also make sure that you bring things that are healthy with lots of protein and natural sugars to give you energy. Mia did a great job with her snack-packing.  
Well done Mia. (Photo Creds)
Get a good nights sleep. If you don't, you will be cranky and you aren't gonna want to be there. If you do, dance competition can be tons of fun. Also you're defiantly gonna preform better of a good nights rest. 

Well I hope that you can use this simple guide in some aspect of your life. If not I can't believe you read the whole thing. 

Blog ya later fellow quirks. 

May 4, 2015

Beachy Blog Post

A while ago...
"EWWWWW!" I yell as I look out into the distance where fluffy snowflakes floating down to cover the ground with this white, and unwanted blanket. I take one step outside and immediately know that I wish I was still where shorts and bikini top are appropriate attire. I groan one more time and make my way outside to the curb at the airport where me and my family will wait for someone to take us to our car. 

Some time later... 
It has now been three weeks and I can still say with absolute certainty that I wish my mother had lost out passports on our way home. This had almost happened, and my cousin had made a joke that St.Kitts was our home now. Although, the thought of that terrified me at the time, this thing called 'snow in April' terrifies me quite a bit more.  And for the moment I would just like you to pretend with me that we are still in paradise and all of the wonderful things we should/could do while we are there. 

1. Beach Bums are Better than Regular Bums 
Lets be honest, is there any better feeling than the sun on our back right after you get out of the salty ocean. No. There isn't. When ever you do somewhere tropical it's just kind of a given that you are going to go to the beach, where it is the only acceptable place to where a bikini and not really be looked at funny. This brings me to the title of this section. If you are gonna have you butt hanging out and your entire stomach showing, it's better that it be at the beach. Am I right ladies. YEAH I AM! While at the beach you can go swimming and see all of the fish and/or shell. You can collect shells with a young child and give them as presents to strangers. You can build a wicked sandcastle dangerously close to the waves and hope it doesn't get swallowed by water. You can sunbathe and get ridiculously tan and show it off once you get back home. You can preform cool stunts and get artsy pictures to later post on Instagram with a clever pun. You can do anything.

My cousin's comment game is too strong

Moral of the story, defiantly go to the beach, because why the heck wouldn't you.

2. Explore 
In dedication to the best Movie of all time, "ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!" It's true you know. One of the best parts about going on vacation is seeing all of the different sights and things that you don't have back home. I encourage you strongly to also make sure you find all of the cool hidden places that aren't tourist spots also. You can make sure that you get a one of a kind experience that isn't molded by some chessey tour guide and a pamphlet. Hikes and long walks are a great way to find things off of the beaten path! For example this abandoned motel that we found on a beach walk.

3. Relax 
When you are on vacation it can be hard not to just run around in shear excitement trying to take in everything thing that you can. One of the reasons that we all look forward to vacation is to get a break form regular life. However, I think that sometimes we forget to rejuvenate while we can. The worst thing that you can do for yourself is to push yourself through your entire vacation and then go bad k to school or work more tired than ever. So take sometime to lay by the pool and read, or nap, or just watch the clouds. You'll thank yourself later.

Well now that I'll all bummed out that I'm not in vacation,

I'll blog ya later fellow quirks. 

Mar 26, 2015

The World of Wasting Away

Welcome, welcome, ladies and gentle-folk, to the wondrous, wacky, whimsical, wood-headed, wishful world of wasting time, the magical land where seemingly no one wins. Wow, that was sure a mouthful. Today we are going to be exploring the things that you can do when there seems to be nothing to do! The world away from the work. Away from everything in fact!

Alrighty after that lovely, lovely introduction given by the one and only me, I can get into the body of this post about nothing. So if you haven't already guessed this post isn't gonna be as 'informational' as some of my others and probably the most sarcastic. But it won't suck...don't worry. I could never ever let that happen. Well now, ironically, I'm just wasting your time as you read this so lets get on with it shall we.

1. 'Talking' over Text
Texts are most often about pretty much nothing which makes them great ways to use up those extra minutes in your say with something so utterly useless. In case you don't know how to start a random text conversation I have some great starters for you that are sure to get you off talking train to absolutely no where. (Please direct your vision organs to the words below.)

Hey, your shoes untied.

I decided to move to Mexico and ur coming

Turtle emoji

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Are you a pickle or is that just me


I have a story

Is your refrigerator running?

I hate you. #jklolzies #loveyou #loveya #luvyou #luvya #heartyou #heartmygurl #hearteyes

Wow dude is that I spider on your head?!?!


*makes double chin* Hey girlfriend

I hope you have enjoyed that wonderful starter list I have provided. Feel free to mix and match and/or come up with some of your own pointless texts! Of course there are also texts that don't really require a response such as "we're here." At least I hope that doesn't need a response....

Sorry Mia.

2. Of Course Selfies
Let me give you some background info for this one. Not that there's really any needed but I have a story. So once upon a time (last Saturday) I had a singing competition. Me and my father got in the car and drove the the place where I was to sing. Well, unlike normal, we actually showed up like ten minutes before the awards ceremony started, and being a family that is always late we had absolutely no idea what to do for those ten minutes. And sense actually having a real conversation was out of the question, what does my dad do? Pulls out his phone for a selfie. Yep. That's my dad. The coolest of the cool. The best of the best. And in case you were wondering what it was here it is for your amusement.

He texted it to me with the caption "Oh no she din't!" 
If you have EVER met me, I'm not a rave person or whatever those hip kids call it. I'm more of the party pooper sorts. However, even I need a bit of a dance break sometimes. And this is a precicly perfect way to wast your time....anywhere. Just throw on a cheesy overplayed pop song and run around like a maniac. Chances are you'll get some weird looks but just remember the people that don't give you weird looks are the ones that understand the point of life and you can't please the haters. If you don't know any good songs of the dancing type, you can just refer the this link to listen to some horribly written music with bad singers and a bad but contagious beat. "I don't need anyone to tell me how to move my me do me!" Or if you don't want that you can use pretty much any top twenty song from 2012. Video taping your self while dancing will give you a great way to waste time when you feel a dance party is inappropriate, so now to waste your time here is a video of me having a dance break ft. my less enthusiastic mom, brother, and dogs. (Yes my brother was so desperate not to be in the video he hid under the counter...but, I found him (;  )

So I hope that this post in it's self was also a complete and utter way to waste time, but if you have some more of those pesky extra minutes lying around you feel free to also try, watching grass grow, talking to yourself, blowing air threw a straw, and trying to read the dictionary upside down. Or you could just read my next blog post upside down. What ever floats your boat I suppose.

Blog ya latter fellow quirks.

How to be Cool

Bonjour my amigos. Yes I am aware that I just used three different languages in the same sentence. But I'm kinda just cool like that. Are you cool like that? Well even if you're not this isn't about how you can be like you might infer from the title. This post is a bit like my other post How to Be Hot on hot cocoa. Because when I mean cool I mean the literal temperature, and when I think of cold things, I think of Ice Cream. I know the correlation of the tile to the post is a bit loose, but it's valid. And with spring fever in the air yummy icy sweetness is just the thing to kick off the season!

1. Homemade Ice-cream 
I know that just going to the store and buying it would be a lot easier but by makin' it at home you can have some fun and you can also make it just how you like. The very first thing that you need when making homemade Ice-cream is, well a way to freeze it. Using a snazzy commercial ice-cream maker is obviously the best way to go if you have one but if you don't never fear. By adding your mix to a small plastic bag (sealed well) then putting that in a larger bag filled with Ice and salt, a bit of shaking later and you'll be frozen.

Before you can freeze anything you need to make your mix, a classic ice-cream base is 3/4 cup white sugar, 2 1/4 cups milk, and one cup of cream. Just heat that mix till the sugar is dissolved and there is foam around the edge of the milk. Then take it off the heat and add in your flavorings. (this means like extracts and spices, do not add in mix ins such as chocolate chips yet.) Some of my favorite flavors are mint made with mint extract and green food coloring, chocolate make with cocoa powder and a pinch of cinnamon, and french vanilla made with vanilla extract and seeds from fresh vanilla beans. Chill this mix over night and then the next day either pop it into your ice cream maker or your plastic baggy for shaking and freezing. Once the mix comes to a soft serve texture you add your mix in's such s chocolate chips or marshmellows. You can either eat it just like that or let if freeze a bit longer for thicker consistency. V-walla! Deliciousness and all homemade.

2. Popsicle Part-ay 
These are my absolute favorite because they are super easy from scratch and are WAY healthier when you make them. To get started you are gonna need a popsicle pan, this (unlike and ice-cream machine) is a must. You can make it in small plastic cups with popsicle sticks but it's a bit harder.

Alright, to get started choose your favorite fruit. In my case I am going to use the example of watermelon and orange because they make the absolute most amazing popsicles. You need to either juice your fruit if it's citrice or chop it up. If you have whole pieces of fruit pop it into the blender and give it a couple of pulses. I prefer my mixture completely smooth with no chunks but my brother likes them so it's just up to you. Then add a table spoon or so of honey depending on the fruit you choose, water mellon and orange just needs a little bit, then add a table spoon or lemon juice for extra brightness and pulse one or two more times in the blender. Then if you want a smooth consistency strain the liquid into a bowl. Using a funnel put the mixture into your containers. At this point you can add some whole pieces of fruit to make them super pretty before you pop it in the freezer. It's best to wait over night to ensure they are frozen but if you can't do that wait at least four hours, and then you have a sweet treat that really isn't bad for you at all.
Frankly these were just photographed better than mine #sorrynotsorry (Photo Creds)

A fun thing to do if you have dogs is make then some popsicles too, you can just put some canned pumpkin (no spices) into a couple of popsicle molds and when they are done, you let your dog lick and bite away at them. Fun Fact: the pumpkin helps a dogs digestive system so if they are sick this is a great thing to help them feel better.

3. The Quicky 
If you haven't caught on the other two things take a while to freeze and make so that's why I've turned to the fastest chilly sweet I could think of. A SMOOOOOOOOOOOTHIE! Yes I know I've written about these before, but for good reason they are back. I'm not gonna go into detail on how to make a smoothie because I think that it's fairly strait forward and I trust my readers to have some basic knowledge. However I will give you my favorite flavor combo: Frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, honey greek yogurt, orange juice, fresh basil, and fresh spinach for health and stuff. I promise it doesn't taste like gross vegetables even if it looks green. 

If you try out any of these very loose recipes let me know your favorite flavor combo and such. I think that you will have lots of fun creating and eating all of these cold creations, I know I will.

Blog ya later fellow quirks.

Mar 25, 2015

Ending Without the Pain

(Building Jaws Music) Duh dum. Duh dum. (Speeding up) Duh dum duh dum duh dum. DUN DUN!!!!! Lets all thank my imaginary tech crew and orchestra for that lovely imaginary song they just played us. Really, really nice work guy, you can take five. Voice's in background say, "Thank you five." Well I only have five minutes here to chat with because my crew is on break so lets make this post short and sweet. Not really sweet though,  if you know what I mean. But you most likely don't because I haven't actually told you what this post is about or what in the world the dramatic intro was for. Well here's your answer to both questions, THE QUARTER IS ENDING AND IT'S SNEAKING UP FAST! So this post is all about how to keep up with the craziness of a quarter end. Or as my french final said it, fin du premier semester. (So technically that means end of first semester but whatever.)

The trick to doing well on you rend of the quarter finals is to stay clam. Picture one of those clique pictures with the stay clam and do whatever things. Those are the best. But I'm not joking the more worked up and worried you get they more you are sabotaging yourself of a successful score. Assuming that you study and learned what you need to over the course of the quarter there is nothing else that you can do. So go to be super early (if you aren't cramming) eat a nice healthy breakfast.

The last little trick that I have for finals week is move to Finland. I hear that in Finland tests are optional. And lets be honest, even if your calm and well rested, no test is so much better every time.

Children in Finland don't have to study and have time to paint their faces.  (Photo Creds)

2. That One Grade...
If you're a normal person chances are you don't have perfect grades while entering this dreaded period. And if you're normal you most likely have one of two classes that are gonna be grilling the bad of your mind until you get it/them up. The best thing that you can do is make sure that you don't have a sing zero in that class. Just one assignment where you have a zero is going to majorly affect the overall grade. Remember even if your teacher has a 'strict' no late work policy, there is literally no risk in asking because the worst they could say is no, which they already have. The next thing that you can do is try to just do SUPER amazing on the last couple of things that go into your grade. As long as that grade is higher than your overall grade its not gonna make it go down. If it's enough higher it could add percentage or two. The last and final thing you can do is just simply go ask the teacher what you can do to bring it up, because like I said what's the worst that could happen?

3. Sleep 
Chances are between trying to bring that grade up and studying for finals you are gonna wanna stay up late to get it all done. Don't fall into that trap. I mean you should study and work as much as you can but if that clock starts to approach midnight, it's time to call in the towel. At that point chances are you aren't gonna learn anything and you are gonna be miserable the next day. You might even feel as sad as I look in the following photograph.

Don't worry, I was rather joyful. (just bad timing)

Well I gotta get back to that studying thing, ew. Anyways....

Blog ya later fellow quirks.